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The STREET CLERKS are a Rock’n’Roll band. All born in the mid 1980s and all from Firenze (Florence, Italy) they formed the band in 2007. For the past 16 years they’ve played live all over Italy on all sorts of stages and in front of crowds sometimes reaching up to 15.000 people opening for Italian major pop acts like Niccolò Fabi, Edoardo Bennato, Irene Grandi, Brunori Sas, Caparezza, Linea 77, Meganoidi, Alessandro Mannarino and Roy Paci.

In 2013 they passed all the auditions and got in the seventh edition of X Factor Italy and reached the fourth live show. During that time they met Italian tv host Alessandro Cattelan (former MTV Italia vj for TRL and host for many Italian shows from 1999 onwards among which X Factor from 2011 to

2020) with whom, in 2014, they started working as resident band for his Late Night Show called “E Poi C’è Cattelan” produced by Sky Italia. Today they’re continuing this collaboration on a new show called “Stasera C’è Cattelan” this time produced by the national tv broadcasting company Rai2. For Cattelan, together with all the original music for the two tv shows, they have also written the soundtrack for a Netflix produced series called “Alessandro Cattelan: One Simple Question - Alessandro Cattelan: Una Semplice Domanda” that came out in 2022. Their third and latest album “Everything Is Like It’s Meant To Be” produced and mixed in 2022 in Florence Italy and mastered at Abbey Road Studios (London) is a straightforward but also eclectical sophisticated rock pop album made up of eight tracks in which you can hear influences ranging from country folk to 70’s glam rock to grunge to reggae to swing all arranged with the simple timbres of their instruments and voices with hardly any post production. An old school record that is meant to capture the sound of a live performance.

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